Business Advice

DJ Grigg Financial offers a full range of advisory and mentoring services to our business clients Australia-wide including:

Start up Advice

If you’ve got a world-beating business idea and the ambition to become a business owner, come and talk to us.

We’ll help you flesh out your vision, write a workable plan and get your finances in shape for the next stage of the startup journey.

Profit maximizing

We can accumulate, analyze, report, and advise on your data to not only help you manage your budget but to identify unnecessary costs in your business and potential opportunities for growth.

Book a profit maximizer appointment with us today!

Activity Statements

If your business is growing in complexity, or if the compliance obligations are becoming challenging, we’ll help you make BAS effortless and accurate every time.

Book with us to have a chat about any BAS-related questions you may have.

Accounting software

We can help automate a lot of your business’s accounting so that sales and expense data flows directly into your accounts. We can also set you up with invoicing systems that tell you what’s been paid and what hasn’t. Smart software can even send reminder emails to clients who haven’t paid so you don’t have to.

Book with us to have a chat about how we can help you wield the power of technology to your advantage in your business!