Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Has Commenced

Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Has Commenced

The Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Scorecard indicates that $18.3 million has already been raised by 22 Australian companies.  The following is a summary identifying the companies with a brief description on their business activities and the amount of capital that they have raised to date.  Completed capital raisings that details have been extracted from some of the intermediary’s websites:

  • Xinja Bank – 100% Digital Bank – $2.4M
  • Manrags – Premium Socks and Underwear – $363,250
  • Choovie – Digital platform that matches moviegoers with empty seats – $294,500
  • The West Wind Gin – Australian Champion Gins – $932,000
  • Memo Bottle – Flat water bottle designed to fit into your bag – $383,238
  • Bausele – Timekeeper luxury brands with Australian inspired crowns – $294,928
  • Plikan – Global currency App and pre-paid Visa card that you can use anywhere – $248,930
  • Orderup – Investment in a gaming brand – $361,394
  • Park – Leading soccer brand – balls, clothing – $316,035
  • Sash – an Australian take on modern Japanese fusion – $184,321
  • Greenfields Exploration Ltd – Mining Incubator and Project Initiator – $1.2 million

These companies represent a fairly wide cross-section of Australian businesses. If you are interested in understanding more about crowd sourced funding equity raising as it applies to small proprietary companies and small unlisted public companies please do not hesitate to contact us.  Some of the company’s currently attempting to raise capital include:

  • Endeavour Brewing Co – craft beer manufacturing
  • DHF Surf – surfboard design
  • Direct Injection Technologies – technology to supplement livestock
  • Purahealth – health supplements
  • Australian Boutique Spirits – manufactures and marketers of Australian made spirits
  • Mobiltech – travel solutions
  • Edutech – cloud enabled student tutoring
  • Medical Services Group – multi venue medical services business
  • Industrial Tech – patented safety device seeking capital after first sale
  • Internet Gaming – established company seeking funds to expand into new networks and markets
  • Black Hops Brewery – craft beer and wine
  • HUTT – tomorrows house today – delivering the future of zero carbon housing
  • Dreamcity – an immersive theme park combining education with fun
  • Oscar Razor – Australian premier shave club
  • Your Mates – craft beer and wine
  • Picaluna – network of professional funeral planners and celebrant

What this list of companies illustrates is that any type of business operating in Australia, which has a good business case, has a reasonable chance of being able to raise capital, thus avoiding loans together with the associated security requirements, personal guarantees and monthly principal and interest repayments.

If you would like to have a discussion with us relative to the assistance that we can give your company to get you started on the capital raising journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To assist you to self-assess as to whether your company might be eligible to raise capital as a Crowd Sourced Funding Company we are attaching a self-assessment checklist.  If you are interested in understanding your company’s potential eligibility for Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising we invite you to complete the self-assessment form and, if it indicates that you are potentially eligible, please contact us for a discussion.